We are using the next generation of the internet to tell the next generation of stories.

Tinsel is where storytellers and audiences come together to change the future of TV, Film, and Gaming.

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Storytellers and audiences arent getting what they want.

Storytellers want…

  • To avoid development hell
  • Access to resources and support
  • Creative freedom
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Audiences want…

  • New stories
  • Expansive, more consistent explorations of their favorite worlds
  • Worlds on their own terms
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What they get instead…

  • Tired sequels and remakes
  • Stories that lack continuity
  • Franchises that feel disconnected across experiences and products
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Film and television are worth saving.

  • Box office receipts and streaming studio stocks are both moving in the wrong direction, revealing a weakness in the media economy.
  • Audiences are tired of endless sequels and uninspired content.
  • But studios and filmmakers can't afford to lose when projects are so expensive to produce.
  • We believe stories deserve better and we are going to do something about it.
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A filmmaker adjusts a cinema camera on set while a crew member sits in the background.

Tinsel uses the next generation of the internet to tell the next generation of stories.

Storytellers win by producing their vision in curated collaboration with audiences.

  • Launching projects through the support of decentralized communities
  • Leverage audience-driven market research
  • Accelerate your project from script to screen #NoDevelopmentHell

Fandoms win by impacting and benefitting from their favorite narrative franchises.

  • Vote on characters, story elements, and more
  • Create a character in the world of your favorite franchise
  • Play games that affect TV series and films
  • Benefit from the larger ecosystem and individual projects

Distributors win by buying projects that have existing, highly engaged fandoms.

  • Save budgets by using a reliable pipeline of fresh projects
  • Use built-in market research and audience testing
  • Capitalize on fan-driven trends vs. manufacturing hype
  • Mine each story world's deep lore to enrich products and properties

We are combining the best of communities, film studios, and interactive gaming.


Audiences and storytellers work together to choose what stories are told.

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Film Studios

Beloved characters and sprawling multiverse franchises exist on the big screen, at home, and at theme parks around the world.

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Interactive Gaming

Personal interactions with stories and persistent social interactions with people around you represent the ways people want entertainment in their lives.

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